[en] Cocaine Conference I: From Stardust to Candy C

After spotlighting Ketamine in 2019, this year’s conference puts an emphasis on cocaine. The steadily increasing supply, coupled with the ever-improving price-performance ratio of cocaine, is certainly a megatrend of the past decade. From its former status as a jet-set drug, it has nearly developed into a mainstream tool. Simultaneously, cocaine has an inherently polarizing effect. Due to its properties as an ego enhancer, certain cocaine habits often collide with today’s demands for awareness in a clubbing context.

Was cocaine underestimated in its prevalence for many years, and what status does cocaine have in today’s nightlife? What’s the reason for the ever-increasing popularity of cocaine? Which effects does the high demand for cocaine have on its countries of origin? What makes the drug so popular in the party context, and what makes it an object of hate? Finally: how does the younger party generation deal with cocaine, and which differences can be observed in comparison to the previous generation(s)? And for whom is cocaine still a luxury good?

Anton Gomez-Escolar Psychopharmacologist & International Project Manager | Energy Control, Madrid (ES)
Robin Seitter Social worker | DJ | Promoter, Stuttgart (DE)
Airen Blogger | Author | Journalist, Mexico (MX)
Nicole Simone Schröter Catalan Institute for Water Research | SCOREwater, Girona (ES)

Dr. Larissa Maier Global Drug Survey (GDS) | Community Organizer | Scientist, Zürich (CH) / San Francisco (US)

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