[en] Cocaine Conference II: Cocaine use today – Safer Use, Reduction, Support

Cocaine is circulating in greater quantity and quality than ever before, with little attention or debate in the club scene. Yet cocaine use can become extremely ugly if the ego vanquishes, self-control is lost, debt increases and physical and psychological side effects begin to dominate.

What causes partygoers to drift into uncontrolled cocaine use? How is low-risk use possible in a party setting? What are the key safer-use messages? How can cocaine be talked about today in an open, accepting, and unbiased way, without negating the special risks posed by the use of the substance?

What kind of counseling atmosphere or tips do users need in order to feel supported in consciously managing their own use? And what tried-and-tested methods or new tools are available to encourage partygoers and clubbers to raise awareness and to help them reduce their use of cocaine?

Eva Maria Pisarek Kokon e.V. | Psychologische Psychotherapeutin, Berlin (DE)
Sarsani Schenk Jellinek | Project Manager of Unity |Public Health Officer, Amsterdam (NL)
Kira Weir Nightlife and Harm Reduction Coordinator | Crew 2000, Edinburgh (GB)
Hayley Murray University of Amsterdam | Project Coordinator ChemicalYouth, Amsterdam (NL)

Andrea Piest Sozialarbeiterin | Notdienst Berlin | SONAR – Safer Nightlife Berlin (DE)
Rüdiger Schmolke Chill Out e.V. Potsdam, SONAR – Safer Nightlife Berlin (DE)

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