[en] Clubs of the Future

Clubs are dynamic places, and club culture works as a space for social experimentation. With the Covid-19 crisis, these places of collective proximity have been hit hard. Yet the desire for care-free, collaborative club nights has not disappeared. But can things go back to the way they were? What do we need to take heed of when planning clubs? How can we further develop club culture? What do the clubs of the future look like, how do they feel? What do we need to pay attention to, what is important for us?

The panel presents a wide range of expertise and varying positions to discuss these questions together – also with the audience at the end of the panel.

Pamela Owusu-Brenyah | AfropopPop A&R | Consultant | Music & Program Curatorin (Pop-Kultur Festival), Berlin (DE)
Michael Kinzel | d&b audiotechnik | Segment Manager, Backnang (DE)
Robbe Van Bogaert | Founder Eventsure | City of Antwerp | DJ | Promoter, Antwerp (BE)
Robin Schellenberg | Co-Founder Klunkerkranich | DJ | Musician | Board Member Clubcommission, Berlin (DE)

Catalina Lopez | DJ | Bookerin | Promoterin | Journalistin, Berlin (DE)

Attention: Room change! Instead of (as stated in the printed conference program) in the Artistenhalle, the session will take place in EyeCandy Bogen!