[en] Drug Checking: How to reach the 99 Percent?

The first drug checking services were established more than 30 years ago. Since then, DC has developed into an important prevention and harm reduction tool. But who takes advantage of these offers and how do they assess the provided service? What myths surround drug checking and how could one reach the remaining 99% of recreational drug users who so far haven’t utilized any available drug checking services?


Dr. Raoul Koning | Coordinator Dutch Drug Checking Services in Amsterdam and Hilversum | Jellinek, Amsterdam (NL)
Prof. Dr. Fiona Measham | University of Liverpool | Chair Criminology | Director The Loop, Liverpool (GB)
Jordi Navarro | Energycontrol, Madrid (ES)
Helena Valente | Kosmicare | Porto University, Porto (PT)

Dr. Carlos Paulos | Director of 4motion asbl. | PIPAPO – sex, drugs & rock’n roll, Luxembourg (LU)



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