[en] Drug Checking: Synthetic Cannabinoids

In Switzerland, Germany and Austria, but also other European countries, synthetic cannabinoids have been analyzed in cannabis products such as weed or hashish. What they all had in common was that they were an unknown compound. Given the widespread use of cannabis and the potential dangers of synthetic cannabinoids, this is a highly disturbing development. The focus of this panel is on the risks, prevalence and analytical challenges associated with laced cannabis products.

Prof. Dr. Volker Auwärter | Uniklinik Freiburg | Leiter Forensische Toxikologie des Instituts für Rechtsmedizin, Freiburg (DE)
Mireia Ventura | Asociación Bienestar y Desarrollo (ABD) | Energy Control, Barcelona (ES)
Anton Luf | Medical University of Vienna | checkit! laboratory (AT)
Dominique Schori | Manager Saferparty Streetwork, Zurich (CH)
Karsten Tögel-Lins | CEO Basis e.V. | Safe Party People | Legal High | Sozialpädagoge, Karben (DE)

Helena Valente | Kosmicare | Porto University, Porto (PT)

Attention: Room change! Instead of (as stated in the printed conference program) in the EyeCandy Bogen, the session will take place in Artistenhalle!

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