[en] Good Nights: Re-Imagining Urban Safety, Sustainability and Community After Dark

What can United Nations policymakers and club culture learn from each other?

There’s a growing understanding that cities aren’t made safer through doubling down on security measures, policing, or prohibition—but rather, through an attention to wellbeing, inclusion, and sustainable urban development. But too often, urban decisionmakers and nightlife actors aren’t speaking the same language. This panel brings together actors from global UN programs working with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), with locally-based community and nightlife initiatives. We’ll share approaches to urban safety and community wellbeing at night and explore how the global and local might better connect.

Juma Assiago United Nations | Coordinator, Safer Cities Programme at UN-Habitat Nairobi (KE)
Jen Pahmeyer SchwuZ, Berlin (DE)
Mathieu Grondin General director and cofounder | MTL 24/24, Montréal (CA)
rafi Autonomous practitioner & community organizer | TS Raver, Berlin (DE)
Mirik Milan Co-Founder VibeLab

Diana Raiselis VibeLab Research Lead, Berlin (DE)


city development health & safety