[en] Lecture (2) : Free The Night Campaign in Northern Ireland

„25 years later and no progress. Why?“

In this lecture, Ciara Power, an activist from Northern Ireland’s nightlife scene, will explain, how the national activist campaign, Free The Night, is changing the landscape for nightlife in Northern Ireland by lobbying and advocating for a progressive, safe, and culturally rich creative night time economy. We will explore how dancefloor culture and broader nightlife activities in Northern Ireland played a temporary, but vital role in peace and conflict transformation during the tail end of The Troubles in the 1990s. Moreover, Ciara will sketch the campaign itself and explain, why the work is important to preserve dancefloor culture and nightlife in contemporary Northern Ireland. While licensing laws in Northern Ireland are described as some of the strictest in Europe and prevent nightlife from reaching its full potential, research and evidence building is an important activity. We will explore a brief outline of the findings from recent research and stakeholder engagement and how the campaigners plan to use these findings to engage with local and national governments in the future.

To strengthen the argument, Ciara will also draw on important case studies from Helsinki, Amsterdam, and Glasgow that reflect the type of future intervention that we would like to see from our policymakers in our capital city of Belfast and the wider Northern Ireland. Overall, this lecture aims to put Free The Night and Northern Ireland on the nightlife map and contribute to the diverse and fruitful debates that are ongoing in urban night studies.

Input: Ciara Power Queen’s University Belfast | Free The Night campaign

Attention: Room change! Instead of (as stated in the printed conference program) in the Fitzroy, the session will take place in the Architektenbogen! Also, the lectures start in an order different from what the printed booklet says!

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