[en] Live DMA: World Health Organization (WHO) – Music Is Not Noise

In 2019, the „Music is not Noise“ working group of the European music venue and club organization Live DMA met in Antwerp and Madrid to discuss the topic of noise control regulations in Europe. At the end of these meetings, a „Music is not Noise“ white paper was published by Live DMA in response to the new, forthcoming World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines on “leisure noise”. Since then, members of Petzi (Switzerland) and Livekomm (Germany) have participated in the working group, attended official meetings at WHO headquarters in Geneva, and participated in consultations on a future „Global Standard for Safe-Listening.“ This standard is intended to provide governments around the world with recommendations on sound protection regulations in entertainment venues. In the summer of 2020, WHO returned to comment on a final draft and conduct some case studies. This panel consisting of experts from the fields of culture, music venues
and technology will discuss the paper with its author for WHO, Ian Wiggins of the University of Nottingham.

Michael Kinzel d&b audiotechnik | Segment Manager, Backnang (DE)
Karsten Schölermann Owner & manager of Musicclub Knust | Bundesstiftung Livekultur, Hamburg (DE)
Dr. Ian Wiggins Senior Research Fellow | University of Nottingham (GB)
More tba.

Geoffrey Vasseur CEO YAAM | Spreekultur GmbH | Member of the Board LiveDMA, Berlin (DE)

Presented by Live DMA

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