[en] Lecture (1) : Forms of Nighttime Economy Governance

While forms of nightlife governance have been adopted to establish an institutional forum for the discussion of nightlife issues and to respond to a growing demand for governing the urban night, different conceptual models have been developed for these purposes. In addition, multiple labels have arisen with no clear distinction. For example: night mayors, nocturnal delegates, night ambassadors, club commissions, 24H Economy coordinator, nightlife advocacy movement. These forms of night-time economy governance, and their characteristics are not satisfactorily defined, analysed, and understood. This makes difficult to understand differences and similarities between forms of night-time economy governance.
The core questions of the presented study are: how many forms of night-time economy governance are there? How can we define them? How can we develop a framework to understand them? Which role they may play in the adaptation and/or recovery of nightlife in the time of Covid-19?
Input: Alessia Cibin (stadtnachacht, fellow at the Faculty of Design Architecture and Building, University of Technology Sydney/Hertie School Berlin)
Attention: Room change! Instead of (as stated in the printed conference program) in the Fitzroy, the session will take place in the Architektenbogen! Also the lectures start in an order different from what the printed booklet says!

culture economy