[en] Pleasurescapes: Pleasure and Nightlife as Driving Forces for Urban Development

Public places of entertainment in cities mirror traits of urbanization in an extraordinary way: They are transnational microcosms, representing conformity and rebellion at the same time. They are public zones of encounter and melting pot for divergent classes, cultures and religions. Within this panel, these places will be discussed as “pleasurescapes” – rather than pleasure districts or quarters – because they are fluid in size and character over time and space. They are vivid cultural landscapes of pleasure, not just built architecture.

Embedded in this conceptual frame, historians provide insights into their research on Hamburg-based entertainment entrepreneurs from the late 1800s to the early 1900s. Which challenges did they face in the booming port city around 1900? What attractions sold for growing audiences, but still bound local target groups? How did the entrepreneuers cope with early mass media and other effects of an increasingly connected industry? And how did migration movements and colonial business influence their work?

This panel results from an international research project at HafenCity University Hamburg named „Pleasurescapes“ and funded by the European network HERA (Humanities in the European Research Area).

Exploring the history of popular pleasures in port cities: The international HERA-project ‚Pleasurescapes. Port Cities‘ Transnational Forces of Integration‘
Dr. Lisa Kosok Historian | Muselogist, Hamburg (DE)

‚Ocean of Laughter!‘ – Emil Naucke and entertainment in St. Pauli at night around 1900
Dr. Lars Amenda Historian | netzwerk fahrrad/ geschichte, Hamburg (DE)

Behind the stage: Aims, agendas, and affiliations of independent theatre and cabaret entrepreneurs in Hamburg St. Pauli, 1880s-1930s
Dr. Alina Laura Just HafenCity Universität Hamburg | Historian of pleasure culture, urban history, media history, migration history and museum studies, Hamburg (DE)

Claudia Mohr Geschäftsführerin SternChance Caféhaus GmbH | Geschäftsführin Mohrhorn Entertainment UG, Club Waagenbau, Hamburg (DE)

Dr.-Ing. Jakob F. Schmid Urban Planner | Co-curator Stadt Nach Acht | stadtnachacht.de, Hamburg (DE)

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