[en] Psychedelic Renaissances: From Nightclubs to Therapy

In the past few years, a renewed scientific interest in psychedelics has not only transported these substances into mainstream media but also made them more popular in Berliner nightlife. Previously occurring predominantly at festivals and nature outings, psychedelics later found their way into Berliner clubs.

This panel will provide insight into the many facets of psychedelic use – from harm reduction and psychological assistance during consumption, to aftercare through integration, and what therapeutic value these substances possess beyond the recreational benefits. We will also take a critical look at the processes of medicalization and exceptionalism experienced by psychedelics, as well as their legal landscape in Europe and prospects for decriminalization and regulation.

A special focus lies on psilocybin and magic mushrooms, as the growing popularity of these psychedelics made them increasingly common ingredients of club nights and festivals, while also being the most popular options for psychedelic-assisted therapy.

Cecille Giovanetti | Therapist, Sandomil (PT)
Dr. Ido Hartogsohn | Author | Research Worker, Pardes Hanna-Karkur (IL)
Sergio Pérez Rosal | Academy | Director MIND Foundation | Medical Co-Director OVID Health, Berlin (DE)
Boaz Yaniv | Psychotherapist | Psychedelic Harm Reduction Specialist, Carre del Bruc (ES)

Gabriel Amezcua | Medical Anthropologist | Intercultural studies | DJ/ Producer | Psychedelic Society, Berlin (DE)

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