[en] Purple Drank: Codein, Lean, Xanax and Opiods

The color purple is becoming more and more prevalent in today’s culture – and not always as a sign of a newly discovered feminism, but rather as code for a mixture of cough syrup & Sprite or ice tea, which is often referenced in so-called “cloud rap”. And not only Codeine is being rapped about, but also substances such as Xanax, Tilidin or laughing gas. Even within European hip-hop culture, the first deaths related to overdoses and mixed intoxication have already been reported. But is this really an emerging, new consumption trend or is it rather a North American phenomenon? What are the risks associated with use and what is being done, or what could be done, in the area of prevention and harm reduction?

Elia Brülhart eve&rave Schweiz | Nationale Arbeitsgruppe Suchtpolitik (NAS-CPA) | Journalist, Lucerne (CH)
Morgan Godvin Beats Overdose | Harm Reductionist and Editor, Portland (US)
Dr. Bernd Werse Soziologe | Goethe-Universität, Frankfurt am Main (DE)


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