[en] Sexism Free Nights

SEXISM FREE NIGHT is dedicated to researching the intersections between sexual violence, nightlife environments (i.e. party spaces or going out at night) and drug use in Europe. The project’s research will increase knowledge about sexism and sexualized violence in different European regions, and inform about policies and practices in nightlife.

In this panel we will hear more about the activities of SEXISM FREE NIGHT and will discuss insights from a recent survey conducted by the project, which has been collecting data about several aspects in a European context.

We will then discuss the status quo and challenges regarding sexism and sexualized violence in nightlife. What measures can be taken for prevention and what can be done when boundaries are crossed or violence is inflicted? What do we need for a safer and more equal night in the future?

Bryon Beynon Good Night Out Campaign, London (GB)
Davis Kanepe Sexism Free Night, Riga (LV)
Irena Molnar Executive director Re Generation | Sexism Free Night, Belgrade (RS)
nëss Activist, Lisbon (PT)
Laia Plaza-Hernández Gender consultant | Fundación Salud y Comunidad | Observatorio Noctámbulas | Sexism Free Night, Barcelona (ES)
Cristiana Vale Pires Catholic University of Portugal | Sexism Free Night, Porto (PT)
Charlotte Hirz Psychologin LARA e.V. – Verein gegen sexualisierte Gewalt an Frauen* | Sexism Free Night, Berlin (DE)

Katharin Ahrend Awareness Academy | Clubcommission Berlin | Livekomm | Sexism Free Night, Berlin, (DE)

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