[en] The Half Of Europe: Party, Politics and the Pandemic in Eastern Europe

This panel addresses the situation of Eastern Europe’s night cultures during – and possibly after – the pandemic. It’s about strategies to survive, government support for artists & night structures, and the perspective of a post-pandemic situation. How have the clubs and festivals (in selected countries) of Eastern Europe dealt with the challenges? Has there been solidarity between the varying actors in nightlife and club culture? Have there been common strategies to cope with the situation? Was Covid-19 a catalyst or an acid bath for the relation between different groups within the society? And, when the going gets tough, how important is the nightlife sector for various societies?

Deimante Rimkute Vilnius City Municipality | Chair of Night Economy Commision, Vilnius (LT)
David Lezhava Chair of The Cultural and Creative Industries Union (CCIU) of Georgia, Tbilisi (GE)
Pavel Niakhayeu Electronic musician & A/V artist | researcher | Lecturer at the Department of Social Sciences of the European Humanities University Vilnius | Co-founder of Mental Force Festival, Horki (BY)
Cris Paul President of FACTOR Timișoara (RO)
More tba.

Mark Adam Herold Night Economy Association of Lithuania | Night Economy Consultant, Vilnius (LT)